Meet Hailey


Hi, I’m Hailey Miles and this is me, living my childhood dream. In the summer of 2021, I transitioned from being a full-time Real Estate Agent to opening Truck Full of Posies and I have loved every second. I have a home-based studio and offer delivery or free, in-town pick up in my hometown of Florence, OR.

My roots run deep in this community and I strive to use as many locally grown flowers and native greens as possible. I have a micro flower farm that helps supply the freshest blooms available for my bouquets. I am also working with a few local, private flower farmers to provide you with arrangements that you just simply cannot get anywhere else. I am a solo artist and make each and every bouquet, sometimes twice. I get the perfectionism from my wonderful mother. Luckily, I got her organization skills too; running all sides of a business alone is not for the faint of heart.

My love for flowers started as a child; my dad lived on a cattle ranch up the North Fork and had a yard full of flowers planted by my grandma. As a kid, I would gather up an arm full of fresh cut flowers and arrange them in a vase for the dinner table. With the encouragement of my brother, (I think he was trying to get rid of me) I called the local florist shop, Flowers by Bobbi, and asked for a job. Bobbi, could surely tell that I was about 10 years old and suggested that I call back in a few years.

Twenty years later, here I am. I’ve had a few careers in between but have always had an obsession for flowers and design. One of my favorite pastimes is driving old logging roads. My stepdad didn’t know what he was starting when he taught me how to drive in the woods, I haven’t stopped since. Every spring and summer I would fill the bed of my truck or back of my 4Runner with wildflowers to bring back home and share with loved ones. Hence the name, Truck Full of Posies.

My dad referred to every flower as a posy and was not impressed when my uncle and I committed our first crime together, digging up the neighbor’s ‘yellow posies’ and replanting them directly across the road along my dad’s driveway. I was about 10 years old at the time and those daffodils still bloom every spring (in my defense, the property we took them from was a vacant lot). As you can see, I have been a crazy flower lady since I was a kid.

The goal for my business, other than being able to play with flowers all day every day, is to make sure as many ‘just because’ flowers are delivered as possible. Those are my favorite; the surprise flowers that arrive from a loved one, family or friend, that leave a lasting smile on your heart. I still remember when my best friend, who lived an hour away, sent me flowers on Valentine’s Day in 7th grade. And I remember every bouquet she’s sent me since. She’s also the reason I finally had the courage to start this business. So, thank you Kate.