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Candle Bouquet

Candle Bouquet

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Candle Scent

The perfect gift for any occasion. Fresh flowers arranged on top of a handcrafted candle  made by Rooted Timber right here in Florence OR.

Choose from:

  • Moon Flower

    • Soft, fluffy vanilla clouds flounce in a garden of crisp, clean florals as earthy undertones of patchouli deepens the elegance of citrus notes

  • Magnolia Peach
    • Reminiscent of a crisp summer's day, this fruity floral fragrance is highlighted with peach notes that are enveloped by luminous white florals and white musk. 
    • Essential Oils: Lime Oil and Orange Oil
  • Ancient Forest
    • A morning dewy walk through the Ancient Forest resets your mood. Wet, green and earthy yet quite elegant with soft florals combining for a fresh and graceful bouquet providing a grounding and balancing atmosphere. 

      Top: Night Jasmine, Orchid Dew

    • Essential Oils Copaiba Balsam from Brazil, Jasmine Absolute from India, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar & Bois de Rose from France. Heart: Fern, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia. Base: Moss, Musk

  • Sweet Daffodils
    • Reminiscent of a perfect spring day, this fruity floral fragrance is a perfect season starter. Open the windows and let the fresh blooms fills the room with a beautiful, light sweet floral scent.
    • Essential Oils: Grapefruit Peel Oil from Indonesia
  • Amore
    • The smell of freshly cut bouquet of flowers that last much longer than the actual bouquet! This candle’s aroma is filled with blossoming notes of red roses, white jasmine, pink carnations and base notes of amber with a creaminess of vanilla and earthiness of sandalwood to keep the scent gently lingering in the air. 
  • Renew
    • A refreshing and vitalizing mood boosting aroma to jump start the New Year! Renew has uplifting citrus blends, crisp greens, refreshing aloe, and calming matcha tea. 

* All floral arrangements are Designer's Choice originals and will not look exactly like the one shown in the photo.

Each candle is handcrafted with 100% soy- non toxic & phthalate free wax. ZERO zinc/nickel by featuring a silent sustainable wooden wick. 

Candles come in chic matte glass jar with a gold lid.

Approx up to 60+ hours of burn time

Candle size: 3.75" w x 4.1" h

12 oz

Handcrafted in Florence, Oregon

Rooted Timber Candles are designed to have medium bodied luxurious scents that are strong but not having an overpowering throw to them. Perfectly true to nature aromas that lightly flow in the air. Created with the sensitive noses in mind.

Please read warning labels or care & safety instructions carefully before burning your candles. Rooted Timber is not responsible for candles being used improperly.  

Clean & Free

vegan. Vegan products contain no animal products or animal-derived ingredients. Nada. None. Zero.

toxin-free. Various categories of toxins can pose adverse health effects from exposure. We're proud to say that our products do not contain reproductive, acute or organ toxins. No way!

phthalate-free. Phthalates are lil scent carriers that help scents linger longer. Some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system of laboratory animals. We are not about that, so none of our fragrances contain phthalates.

mutagen-free. Chemicals or physical agents that can change our genetic makeup in a harmful way? Nope. Not about those either. Exposure to mutagens can produce DNA mutations that contribute to disease, that's why none of our products contain them.

cruelty-free. We do not & will not participate in harming animals. All of our products are cruelty-free, always.

carcinogen-free. Ingredients on the California Prop 65 list are are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm - no thanks. None of our fragrances require Prop 65 labeling.

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