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Meet Hailey

The Heart and Soul Behind Truck Full of Posies

Hi, I'm Hailey Miles, living my childhood dream in the beautiful town of Florence, OR. My journey from a full-time Real Estate Agent in the summer of 2021 to the proud owner of Truck Full of Posies has been nothing short of a fairy tale. With a home-based studio, I specialize in creating stunning floral arrangements, offering both delivery and free in-town pick-up.

My deep connection with Florence is reflected in my work. I strive to use locally grown flowers and native greens, partnering with Amy Rickford of R Lil Flower Farm to bring you the freshest, most unique arrangements. As a solo artist, I pour my heart into every bouquet I create, a trait I inherited from my perfectionist mother, along with her impeccable organizational skills – essential for running a business single-handedly.

My love for flowers was planted in my childhood, nurtured by the beautiful gardens at my dad's cattle ranch and the encouragement of my family. After a call to the local florist at a tender age and a few career changes, my passion for flowers and design has only grown. My favorite pastime, driving along old logging roads, often leads me to bring back wildflowers to share with loved ones, inspiring the name 'Truck Full of Posies.'

From a young age, I've been a crazy flower lady, even committing my first 'floral crime' with my uncle by relocating 'yellow posies' to my dad's driveway. Those daffodils still bloom every spring, a testament to my lifelong dedication to flowers.

My vision for Truck Full of Posies goes beyond just creating beautiful arrangements. It's about delivering 'just because' flowers, the kind that leaves a lasting smile on your heart. Inspired by the surprise bouquets from my best friend and her unwavering support, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. So here's to spreading joy, one posy at a time.

Thank you for joining me in this beautiful floral adventure. Let's make the world a little brighter, one bouquet at a time.